Monday, October 16, 2006

Saturday's Celebration

Saturday was a wonderfully warm/cool fall day with bright sun shining. SASI carried on her year celebration in style with a sweets and coffee treat. Many people stopped by and celebrated with us!!!!

Again - Donna AND Belinda's knitted wonders were on display.

This fine diva was showing off her knitted creations. We are DYING to have her show up at Knit Nite. The rumor is, from her mouth, the wrap took a week and was her own pattern. The scarf - her own pattern. She looked beautiful in BOTH!!!!!!

The nicest thing about SASI is the fact that it's so warm and friendly in there. Everyone is greeted with a warm welcome - and the SASI girls are hugged. How do you become a SASI girl? Just stop on by SASI and find out!

Donna (the store owner and a SASI diva herself) had many of her family there and was glowing as the proud mama of this wonderful place!!!!!

Talk about kid friendly......
These lil girls were busy making "wish lists" to have on file at SASI so that Santa (or who ever) might stop by and see what they would like!

They both had lists two pages long......... oiy!

You missed this year's celebration if you did not stop by - but the good news is - we are just getting started. Stop by for knit nite, stop by for a lesson or two, stop by and buy some yarn or let your kids get involved into crafts - WHATEVER - become a SASI woman too!!!!

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