Saturday, February 24, 2007

SASI Knit Along

SASI knitters has decided to take it up a notch!

Come join us for a KNIT ALONG!
(as we are looking forward on into spring....)

We are still voting on WHICH pattern to knit but we are leaning more towards the "sweater" angle.

The top three are:

Elfin Goth Sweater found HERE (yes Belinda - I know it's a 19 page pattern!)

Eiffel Sweater found HERE (only not out of hemp.... right?)

A sweater wrap out of VOGUE Knitting Accessories book.

FILL IN THE BLANK _____ Pattern you would like to see in the knit along.

Cast your vote NOW!

Then - after we have picked a pattern it's time to PICK THE YARN!!!!!
(Okay who doesn't want to go yarn shopping?)

Donna - the lovely Sister Arts Studio owner, will order the yarn together for all - so we can get it all at the same time!!!! And have the same dye lot and the correct amount.... oh my!!!

Once the yarn is in we will CAST ON together and knit together.

Do you have to be a SASI knitter to join in?


But please feel free to stop in on SASI Knit nite
Thursdays from 6:30 til whenever the vino and conversation runs out......

JOIN US as the SASI knitters KNIT ALONG!!!!!!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Our Knit Group!

THIS BOOK so sounds like our little Thursday night Knit night group.......

Why haven't you checked us out?

This group is the best! I have never felt like I needed to have something set in stone in my calender as I have with this group. I know, every Thursday night at 6:30P, I can show up at SASI and sit and knit, share a bottle of vino (and every week it's a different wine flight), knit, talk, laugh, knit and possibly maybe even make progress on an UFO! (GASP)

This SASI knitter is trying to get our knit group to read this book - TOGETHER! I don't know why.... This genre really isn't me... but because I am in a tight knit knit group (pun intended) I feel the need to delve into this story.....

So join us on KNIT night.... pop in and share in our joy!

We are warm and cozy during this Feburuary brrrrrrrrrr blast!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Presenting ANGORA - by Gary Scholar

Sunday, 11 February, at 12:00P was the debut and signing of THIS BOOK! A good time was had by all from ages 7 years to 30+ years. I am not sure who enjoyed the reading more - the adults or the kids.

From this knitters point of view - the kids got the best deal.... MEETING the author, getting their books personally signed and LEARNING how to knit. My (gasp - now) 6 year old picked up the sticks, after the reading, and started knitting with a little help from the SASI owner - Donna Palicka. As a result - she wants to have her OWN knit night and invite all her friends (which happen to include her teachers and my knit friends).

If you haven't checked out this book - stop by SASI and pick it up! It's a great book on "what really matters" and "you are what you believe!" There is even a cute little pattern for leg warmers in the back.... From Angora herself!

Knit On!