Friday, November 10, 2006

Our Knit Nite

If you haven't been to our knit nite you should think of coming!!!! We have a blast!!!! (and that is putting it mildly!)

A friend of mine sent me this picture today and I started laughing. THIS would be the perfect day in life wouldn't it? EVERYONE knitting.

It reminded me - actually - of our knit nite! Caveat - while we ARE NOT advertising LION - the picture does remind us of our group (minus the man - but we are open to it!)

Join us this Thursday for a Double Book Signing! Some knitting, some fellowship, some knitting, some snacks, some knitting and some vino! What more could you ask for? (Knitting?)

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Attention all knitters!

WHAT? This book!


WHEN? 6:30PM til whenever

AND? A signing by our own SASI Knit Nite Gal - Anne Lenzini!

Come out and enjoy the night with us as we celebrate Anne's Pattern in this Most Awesome new book!