Monday, October 16, 2006

SASI turns ONE

SASI (the store) turned ONE this past weekend

Everyone who was anyone was there!!!!!

Anne and her fabulous hand knit bag FROM HER OWN DESIGN!!!! You go Anne! This woman is a WEALTH of knowledge about knitting AND has some awesome knitting kits to boot.

Belinda - with her beautifully knitted garmet from Scif (am I spelling that right Belinda?) Belinda's parents were from out of town and delightful to talk to! It's nice to get a wif of Southern once in awhile.....

There is Donna D Smoozing it up.... She had many items on display like.....

I just love Donna D's work!!!!

And some more of her fine handy work hanging on display. I am loving that scarf and hat (apparently from Weekend Knitter in our library of books!!!!).

And some more of Donna's fabulous stuff.... check out that bag with the circles.... uh hmmmmmm Ms Tanya made off with that one. Her lovely hubby bought her!!!!

SASI knit nite knitters were there in style conversing, sipping wine and have a grand ole time!

Ms Tanya posing.... another knit niter!

What is everyone looking at?

THIS is what they are looking at - wonder Layla Korn crochet'd jewels. I think we all had our eye on a few pieces. LOVE the bracelets.....

A silent auction full of many items to benefit Children's Memorial Integrative Therapy department.

I love the basket that Donna put together and her wonderful Noni Bag with bobbles!!!!! There were some really cool art work pieces on the table as well.

All in all everyone had a blast. It was great to celebrate the YEAR anniversary!

More pictures to be posted soon!

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