Monday, October 23, 2006

Major Knitting Disaster!

Ok -- had to share with all of you. I finished knitting up my way cool corset thingy from the Rowan book. You know the one, I'm making it in that gorgeous teal blue alpaca? Well, I finished knitting last night and it was beautiful! I am usually very slow to get all the tails sewn in, but in this case, I decided to get the drudgery work out of the way.

I carefully buried the tails.

I plotted my trip to the fabric store to get a deep burgundy satin ribbon to lace it up.

I felt very good about how nicely the ribs looked. Very straight and neat.

And then, I tried to fit it around my bodacious self. No go. ARGH! The bind off was too tight even though I thought I made it impossibly loose. The rest of it just barely stretched around me if pulled to the maximum.

So, tonight I'll be ripping out, considering my errors, and starting over!

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