Monday, October 09, 2006

Knit-night pictures!

Here are the pictures from 10/5/6 - Enjoy!

Just a couple of girls,
a bit of wine,
and you never know!

Tonia and Donna d. really know how to enjoy knit night ;)

See what Tonia can do with one hand on her knitting, and one on her wine ------>

We make things just a beautiful as we are, don't we?!

Donna P. and Jeannie working dilligently on their knitting

Check out what's on our needles!

How do you do that Bonnie!?

And Christi we love your scarf!!
Oh you mean this old thing?

I knit it up in no time at all!

And it only took one skein!! Doesn't it look dashing!?!

And Check out Belinda's sweater - (although she didn't make it we still all covet it!!)


and back....

The chic head band by our Delightful Donna...

Only needs a bit of finishing - shhh! That's not a needle.. it's a ... it's a newfangled accent piece!

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