Saturday, November 10, 2007

Knit nite 11/8/7

Knit-nite was busy this week! we could barley fit everybody around the table - but that's what makes it fun!

I pulled out my camera kinda late, but I did catch Sarah S. looking for the perfect shawl pattern. And a new beginner knitter came to join us - yeah!

The other Sarah finished her beautiful sweater from the book The Knitters Guide to yarn for Cocktails She made out of Cascade Pima Silk and the top is doubled with Madil Kid Seta, (both in Lime) to give it a fuzzier feel. I love seeing what one small strand of yarn can do to change the look of a yarn or fabric!

It turns out Rachael and Qiana were knitting the same hat - Foliage from from two different yarns. I think I want to try it now, in the chunky weight.

Rachel was also working on a beautiful sweater from an Elsebeth Lavold book: Designer's Choice, (book 6) and was trying to decide how to switch one neckline for another, having already finished the back for the origional neck - should she rip out 4 rows, or just try to finagle it?

Polly is getting close to finishing her poncho from the Loop-de-Loop book. I love how soft the yarn is, (Lana Grande) and it knits up so quick! Here she is trying it on to see how it's coming along:

The girls, Zoe and Natalie were up front, hamming it up:

And Laura finally finished her seed stitch scarf - with a little help binding off - doesn't it look great?

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Thursday 2 circular socks Knit nite

Last Thursday we all had a wonderful time at knit nite. Anne showed us how to knit a sock on two circular needles. She also added a great tip/trick that I greatly appreciated - how to use a waste yarn to create live stitches for the heel. Once the waste yarn was pulled out, you had live stitches to work from, and increase into your heel.

Knitting with 2 circulars was a little confusing at first, mainly keeping track of which tips belonged to which side, and which end to use next to knit with, but once I got the hang of it, it went pretty quickly. I'm not sure if it will cause me to drop my DPN's, but I am very comfortable working with double points, so this still feels clumsy and foreign to me.

Something I liked about it was that you are less likely to loose your stitches off the ends of your needles, which would help me a lot when working on them on the train - I wouldn't have to put the stitches that dropped back on the needle when taking my work out of the bag every time. And once I got the hang of it, it was easy to see the "circle" of the sock. My only concern would then be translating the pattern from three or four needles to two, I think I'd need to use a few stitch markers to keep my place as I followed the pattern - but at least I know they wouldn't fall off either!

Qiana had just finished her fall leaves hat and it looked fabulous!

Denise was working on her vest, which was turing out beautifully in a handpainted yarn.

We had a few new visitors come and join us, to learn new techniques and sign up on the wish list for the holidays!

Quian and Katy , ... Sue and the other Denise, ... and M.P. was in awe!

And Bonnie and Christine showed off their handiwork with some georgous socks:

Come and join us in a few weeks for the free continental knitting demo (Nov 15th) and how to cable without a cable needle demo (Dec. 6th) !