Monday, October 09, 2006

qui sommes-nous ?

Who are we?

We are a wild bunch of women who LOVE to knit and LOVE to get together to knit.

You have Delightful Donna and Beautiful Belinda both knitting Queens without patterns. Donna is currently working on felted clogs, a shawl and several beautiful felted bags.

Belinda shared her shawl technique last Thursday night that motivated another SASI knitter - Bonnie - to make one over the weekend. How much do they sell for in the botiques Belinda?

Then there is Klever Katarina who can teach just about anyone to crochet or knit. Seriously!!! She is full of energy and projects galore!!!

Right now many SASI women are working on baby projects because many a friend is having a baby. We are definitely avoiding the water and sticking to the le vin!

This week can only bring more intriguing and motivating WIP's as well as the SASI Knitter's Swap!

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