Friday, November 10, 2006

Our Knit Nite

If you haven't been to our knit nite you should think of coming!!!! We have a blast!!!! (and that is putting it mildly!)

A friend of mine sent me this picture today and I started laughing. THIS would be the perfect day in life wouldn't it? EVERYONE knitting.

It reminded me - actually - of our knit nite! Caveat - while we ARE NOT advertising LION - the picture does remind us of our group (minus the man - but we are open to it!)

Join us this Thursday for a Double Book Signing! Some knitting, some fellowship, some knitting, some snacks, some knitting and some vino! What more could you ask for? (Knitting?)

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Attention all knitters!

WHAT? This book!


WHEN? 6:30PM til whenever

AND? A signing by our own SASI Knit Nite Gal - Anne Lenzini!

Come out and enjoy the night with us as we celebrate Anne's Pattern in this Most Awesome new book!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Should I Knit?

SASI knitters - I have an conundrum (if you will).
On page 89 of the new VOGUEKnitting Mag (Holiday) is a BEAUTIFUL Kimono.
I want to knit this. I REALLY want to knit this.
I do not like the yarn that it recommends.
I need help figuring out what yarn to use.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

A celeb among us!


SASI and the LIKE.....

We have a CELEB at SASI!!!

Our Anne Lenzini is found in this awesome new book that was just published!

WAY to GO ANNE!!!!!

This book just happens to be in at SASI - they are going fast!

We all have those lonely skeins.... this book if full of fabulous ideas.... LIKE ANNE's!

Keep watching for a book signing!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Dearest B

Dearest B (from B)

How horrible. A Knitting Nightmare! Having to FROG your beautiful work. (That was such a great color). I weep with you in sympathy. My hands were twitching tonight at work - probably in response to your frogging. Big Cyber Hugs to you!

In contrast to your knitting nightmare - I had one of my own today. You must go here to find out the whole story. Suffice to say I was knitting along and my ipod suddenly stopped ipoding..... It was quite disturbing to say the least. In a fit of panic I dropped my knitting (you know the mohair wrap I am working on, with those obnoxius needles) and out came my needles. The attempts to replace the (obnoxious) needles became very upseting. I am not sure if it was the stress and worry over my ipod's health or the slickness of the mohair on the addi (obnoxious) needles. I began to frog....


The attempt to frog mohair will only turn you into a knitter found on the floor in a puddle of tears. The Mohair knots, frays and breaks leaving you with not one nice pile of frogged yarn but several scrawny fragments of mohair yarn.

I share in your pain......

Knit on sister!

Major Knitting Disaster!

Ok -- had to share with all of you. I finished knitting up my way cool corset thingy from the Rowan book. You know the one, I'm making it in that gorgeous teal blue alpaca? Well, I finished knitting last night and it was beautiful! I am usually very slow to get all the tails sewn in, but in this case, I decided to get the drudgery work out of the way.

I carefully buried the tails.

I plotted my trip to the fabric store to get a deep burgundy satin ribbon to lace it up.

I felt very good about how nicely the ribs looked. Very straight and neat.

And then, I tried to fit it around my bodacious self. No go. ARGH! The bind off was too tight even though I thought I made it impossibly loose. The rest of it just barely stretched around me if pulled to the maximum.

So, tonight I'll be ripping out, considering my errors, and starting over!

Friday, October 20, 2006


Knit Nite was a blast (photos to come).

It was our largest group yet! YIPEE!

We swap'd our names for the Holiday Knit Swap.

Our task - to knit something (or crochet or sew or whatever) for a friend.

Stay tuned for updates!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

SASI Knitters on FLICKR

Hey SASI sisters....

(what will we do if we get a token male? I am all for it!!!! We need a man in our circle to balance out the estrogen.....)

We have a FLICKR account AND an YAHOO account!

We are

For the flickr account go here.

Come on SASI knitters - upload some pictures of your FINISHED Projects AND WIPS!!!!!

IF you are a SASI sister you should be getting an email invite with password information in it for both the YAHOO email acct and FLICKR acct!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Saturday's Celebration

Saturday was a wonderfully warm/cool fall day with bright sun shining. SASI carried on her year celebration in style with a sweets and coffee treat. Many people stopped by and celebrated with us!!!!

Again - Donna AND Belinda's knitted wonders were on display.

This fine diva was showing off her knitted creations. We are DYING to have her show up at Knit Nite. The rumor is, from her mouth, the wrap took a week and was her own pattern. The scarf - her own pattern. She looked beautiful in BOTH!!!!!!

The nicest thing about SASI is the fact that it's so warm and friendly in there. Everyone is greeted with a warm welcome - and the SASI girls are hugged. How do you become a SASI girl? Just stop on by SASI and find out!

Donna (the store owner and a SASI diva herself) had many of her family there and was glowing as the proud mama of this wonderful place!!!!!

Talk about kid friendly......
These lil girls were busy making "wish lists" to have on file at SASI so that Santa (or who ever) might stop by and see what they would like!

They both had lists two pages long......... oiy!

You missed this year's celebration if you did not stop by - but the good news is - we are just getting started. Stop by for knit nite, stop by for a lesson or two, stop by and buy some yarn or let your kids get involved into crafts - WHATEVER - become a SASI woman too!!!!


Sister Art Studio is one of four knit shops in Chicago that LUCKY Magazine highlighted in their November 2006 Magazine "The Best Places!"

You go now Sister Art Studio!!!!!

Check out the article on page 240 of the magazine on sale NOW!!!!!

SASI turns ONE

SASI (the store) turned ONE this past weekend

Everyone who was anyone was there!!!!!

Anne and her fabulous hand knit bag FROM HER OWN DESIGN!!!! You go Anne! This woman is a WEALTH of knowledge about knitting AND has some awesome knitting kits to boot.

Belinda - with her beautifully knitted garmet from Scif (am I spelling that right Belinda?) Belinda's parents were from out of town and delightful to talk to! It's nice to get a wif of Southern once in awhile.....

There is Donna D Smoozing it up.... She had many items on display like.....

I just love Donna D's work!!!!

And some more of her fine handy work hanging on display. I am loving that scarf and hat (apparently from Weekend Knitter in our library of books!!!!).

And some more of Donna's fabulous stuff.... check out that bag with the circles.... uh hmmmmmm Ms Tanya made off with that one. Her lovely hubby bought her!!!!

SASI knit nite knitters were there in style conversing, sipping wine and have a grand ole time!

Ms Tanya posing.... another knit niter!

What is everyone looking at?

THIS is what they are looking at - wonder Layla Korn crochet'd jewels. I think we all had our eye on a few pieces. LOVE the bracelets.....

A silent auction full of many items to benefit Children's Memorial Integrative Therapy department.

I love the basket that Donna put together and her wonderful Noni Bag with bobbles!!!!! There were some really cool art work pieces on the table as well.

All in all everyone had a blast. It was great to celebrate the YEAR anniversary!

More pictures to be posted soon!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sisters go global

Hey girls!!!!

On my global email at work (you know the one that EVERYONE see's) was SISTERS at Sister Art Studio! How Fabulous!

The Sisters Go Global!!!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Donna's books

These are some of my books, off the top of my head....I have many more to share with all you lovely knitters...

Minnow knits
Minnow knits too
A second Treasury of knitting patterns
Hollywood knits
Weekend knitting
Last Minute Knitted Gifts
Stitch and bitch Nation
Knitted Embellishments
Knit one, Felt too
Knitting for Baby
Folk Mittens
Knitting for your home
Pipsqueaks - Rowan
Best of Rowan
Rowan - Next Big Thing
Rowan - Calmer Collection
Rowan - Linen Print Collection
Knitting in America

Knit-night pictures!

Here are the pictures from 10/5/6 - Enjoy!

Just a couple of girls,
a bit of wine,
and you never know!

Tonia and Donna d. really know how to enjoy knit night ;)

See what Tonia can do with one hand on her knitting, and one on her wine ------>

We make things just a beautiful as we are, don't we?!

Donna P. and Jeannie working dilligently on their knitting

Check out what's on our needles!

How do you do that Bonnie!?

And Christi we love your scarf!!
Oh you mean this old thing?

I knit it up in no time at all!

And it only took one skein!! Doesn't it look dashing!?!

And Check out Belinda's sweater - (although she didn't make it we still all covet it!!)


and back....

The chic head band by our Delightful Donna...

Only needs a bit of finishing - shhh! That's not a needle.. it's a ... it's a newfangled accent piece!

Katerina's Books

There are a few in my collection that have been already listed, but here are the others:

Knitting for Baby; Falick and Nicholas
candi blankies; candi jensen
7-Day Afghans
Knit hats

and for the holidays, thanks to my mother-in-law:
Annie's favorite special occasion crochet projects; Annie's Attic

Belinda's Knitting Books

(These are just what I could remember off the top of my head. I'll look at the bookshelf and fill in the details!)


  • Mason-Dixon Knitting
  • One Skein
  • Rowan -- Big Just Got Bigger
  • Hip to Knit
  • Wrap Style
  • Exquisite Little Knits
  • The Knit Stitch
  • Vogue Stitchionary Volume 1
  • Vogue Knitting -- Summer 2006

qui sommes-nous ?

Who are we?

We are a wild bunch of women who LOVE to knit and LOVE to get together to knit.

You have Delightful Donna and Beautiful Belinda both knitting Queens without patterns. Donna is currently working on felted clogs, a shawl and several beautiful felted bags.

Belinda shared her shawl technique last Thursday night that motivated another SASI knitter - Bonnie - to make one over the weekend. How much do they sell for in the botiques Belinda?

Then there is Klever Katarina who can teach just about anyone to crochet or knit. Seriously!!! She is full of energy and projects galore!!!

Right now many SASI women are working on baby projects because many a friend is having a baby. We are definitely avoiding the water and sticking to the le vin!

This week can only bring more intriguing and motivating WIP's as well as the SASI Knitter's Swap!

SASI is a year old!

Sister-Arts Studio 1-Year Anniversary Party

Meet the Sisters of Sister-Art Studio!

Join Sister-Arts Studio for their 1-Year Anniversary Party! This one-of-a-kind celebration will feature a fabulous trunk show and silent auction of hand-made wearable and fine art created by the talented Sisters of Sister-Arts Studio. These infamous Sisters are the multi-talented fiber-art instructors that teach classes at this unique studio. Each Sister will showcase their newest fall and winter pieces during this fantastic event. In addition Sister-Arts will host a silent auction featuring private classes with the Sisters, party packages, gift-certificates from local businesses and unique one-of-a-kind items donated by the Sisters. A portion of the proceeds raised during this anniversary celebration will benefit the Judith Nan Joy Integrative Medicine Initiative (IMI) at Children's Memorial Hospital.

Location: Sister-Arts Studio, Inc.
721 W. Wrightwood Ave.

Celebration, Trunk Show & Silent Auction: Friday, October 13th 6-10 pm

Trunk Show & Coffee: Saturday, October 14th 12-5 pm

Sunday, October 08, 2006

What is SASI Knit Nite?

Coming Soon.................

SASI Knit Night Madness!

The newly created blog of

Knit Night fun

It's a group effort!

If you are interested in more about
SASI Sisters
Check this out!