Friday, January 26, 2007

Stitching Salon - Winter Delights

Hey Ladies,

I stopped by the Stitching Salon last Saturday after work, and it was really fun!

There was a demo on making chainmaille jewelry by Rebeca Mojica and everybody got to make their own set of earrings and whatever else they had time to try out. Here are the two things I made, earrings and a necklace:
The necklace still needs a clasp - any ideas for it?
I was thinking some sort of T-ring closure maybe? I'll bring it next Thursday to knit-nite for sure!

I'm planning on going the next couple of Saturday's if anyone is interested! I'd love to go with one of you guys! If I'm working, I go from work around 11:30-12, (or if not I could go anytime). The demo's are usually from 11-4 and the salon itself closes at 5pm.

Let me know and see you guys next week!!

BTW, we are the first store listed on their "Chicago-Area Yarn and Supply Stores" sheet! Our Open Knitting is on the knitting clubs/groups too!! Knit on Sisters!!!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

A 2007 Welcome! and pictures of the store!

After giving Bonzai a hard time, I finally figured it out, - how to post on the SASI blog! YEAH for me!!

So now, I'll post some pictures that have been on my computer for quite a few weeks now. I'm going to do them on separate posts, so that this one isn't the longest in the world, but I wanted to say to everyone ...

Welcome to 2007!! and to the Sister Arts Studio! If you haven't been before, come and join us any Thursday nite at the store -- there are great people and a great place to knit, crochet, talk or just see some good eye candy!!!

Speaking of eye candy, I took some pictures of the store the last knit nite I was there, and wanted to post them to show anyone who hasn't been in, what a cute store it is:

Here is your view
as you walk in the door:

I just love the color and design of the store, - it's bright and beautiful and you just feel completely comfortable walking in.

You can see the lovely Donna hard at work closing up shop at the end of the day.

This shot is from the back of the store, and just doesn't do it justice because it's dark outside (it had been quite a late knit nite....) I'll have to take another during the day, but I'm in front of the table where we usually knit.

Some of the beautiful yarn... mmmm yummy...

The shop not only carries yarn, but also has craft kits, jewelry kits and other wonderful things that anyone would love - there are just walls of great gifts and creative things to do and make...

Here are some other shots of the walls themselves and a few other wonderful and amazing (not awesome shhh! not the A-word!) things at Sister Arts....

btw, I love the little wrap dolls! They're the cutest!

Handmade/handcarved needles by.. by.. ummm somebody will have to help me with his name... but they're AWE...INSPIRING :) heeh..

These are pictures of some of the girls and designs that they have made from the weaving classes... What? didn't we mention that SASI has weaving!

Yeah, I'd have to say overall, it's a pretty great place, and the people who work there and hang out there and knit there are even more fab-u-lous!!

Next time I'll be posting pictures of our "holiday soiree" with needles, drinks and white elephant gifts in hand!