Monday, February 12, 2007

Presenting ANGORA - by Gary Scholar

Sunday, 11 February, at 12:00P was the debut and signing of THIS BOOK! A good time was had by all from ages 7 years to 30+ years. I am not sure who enjoyed the reading more - the adults or the kids.

From this knitters point of view - the kids got the best deal.... MEETING the author, getting their books personally signed and LEARNING how to knit. My (gasp - now) 6 year old picked up the sticks, after the reading, and started knitting with a little help from the SASI owner - Donna Palicka. As a result - she wants to have her OWN knit night and invite all her friends (which happen to include her teachers and my knit friends).

If you haven't checked out this book - stop by SASI and pick it up! It's a great book on "what really matters" and "you are what you believe!" There is even a cute little pattern for leg warmers in the back.... From Angora herself!

Knit On!

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