Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Who says you can't knit with your eyes closed?

Sister-Arts Studio and the Chicago Guild for the Blind hosted a low-vision knitting class two weeks ago at the Guild.

Fifteen students enrolled and all learned to knit during the two 2 hour sessions. The students, with little to no vision, learned to knit from verbal instructions and one-on-one assistance from Donna Palicka (the owner of Sister-Arts) and Polly Abbot, Manager of Rehabilitation Services at the Guild.

To prep for the class, Donna taught her own husband John (who is visually impaired) to knit. She's been trying to get John to knit for years - as an architect he of course did a fabulous job, and was knitting within the hour. Pictures of his work to come... She is a bit jealous because his work was impeccable!! But she said he's always been a perfectionist!

The class was such a success that low-vision Crochet classes have been requested by the students. For more information on either classes contact Polly at polly@guildfortheblind.org or Donna at 773.929.7274!

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